Sensorem's personal alarm has a built-in speaker phone with two-way communication


When the user triggers the alarm, the watch automatically calls relatives and the user talks directly to relatives through the watch's speakerphone (extra high volume).


The watch has a built-in SIM with its own phone number so that relatives can call directly to the watch even when it is not an alarm situation.


Incoming calls can be blocked in the Sensorem app so that only relatives can call the watch.



The user or relatives can easily choose in the Sensorem app that the watch should automatically answer incoming calls, i.e. the user does not have to press "answer" on the display, but the call is connected directly.


Säkerhetslarm för äldre 2

There is no additional charge for calls. Everything is included in the subscription cost!

Easy to call the user via the Sensorem app


Call users anytime from the Sensorem app

Relatives can call the watch at any time by clicking on the user's name in the Sensorem app.

Ringa vanligt samtal 2

Call users at any time as normal calls

It is perfectly possible to save the phone number of the watch as a contact in the phone book and make a call as a normal call.

Begränsa samtal

Choose whether anyone should be able to call the bell or only preselected numbers

Easy to set that the watch should only be able to receive calls from pre-selected numbers.

Automatiskt svar

Set if you want the clock to answer automatically

Easy to set the clock to answer by itself when someone calls it.

Frequently asked questions about Sensorem's personal alarm


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