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Interview with Ann Marie who uses Sensorem's personal alarm

"It's great because if I press the button, the alarm calls up my children and then we can talk to each other"


“I can go for long walks and not have to feel worried”


"You shouldn't have to sit at home alone if you can have an alarm like this and be out walking"


"You can go outside for long walks, you can go by car and it works abroad and everywhere"


"Just press this button on this watch and you'll feel safe"


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"The user can see what time it is and hold down the watch's only physical button to make an emergency call. If this button is held down, the watch will first call the relatives' numbers set during installation and if none of them answer, the call will be forwarded to Sensorems alarm center that can forward the call and, for example, call an ambulance if necessary."

"As a user, you can trigger the alarm directly from your wrist at home as well as outdoors, and because the watch has a SIM card, it is always possible to get in touch both with relatives and with an alarm center."

"Works outdoors and indoors, as long as there is mobile coverage. Contact with relatives and the alarm center 24/7.

"The big advantage Sensorem adds in that comparison is that the entire alarm solution sits on the arm and is thus always available, both in the home and outdoors."

"What you get instead is the ability to alert via the mobile network if an accident is imminent, or for that matter if you as a user just want to have direct contact with a relative and receive calls on the watch."

Reviews from SmartaHemTest

"We think the watch has worked well and that it lives up to its promises. It has good features that are valuable to the target audience. A good product for those who want something simple but still feel safe and able to alert if something happens. is also easy to use for relatives who have access to the app and its features."

"We think that the communication through the watch works well as the voices are heard clearly and it is easy for the user to raise the alarm. The message functions are also clear and sent out immediately when the call has been answered."

"The watch has an excellent function called medication reminders. Via the app, relatives can set reminders so that the watch reminds the user with both text, voice and vibration when it's time to take their medication."

"There is a function in the app that makes incoming calls automatically answered in the watch, so the user does not have to click answer on the display. This is a good function for those who find the display cumbersome or have poor vision."

"When someone answers the alarm, notifications are immediately sent to everyone on the list, including who answered the alarm and the person's phone number. This is a very useful feature because it not only alerts, but also provides status updates to everyone on the list that someone has answered and who it was."

Reviews from Google

Fantastic service! I feel much safer thanks to Sensorem. I would recommend all seniors to use Sensorem!


My mother just started using this service, works really well so far, thanks!


Much better than what you get through the municipality.


Good and genuine service.


Super alarm!


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"Sensorem receives high marks from Test Proffs. We appreciate the affordable service that increases both perceived and actual security for our elderly relatives."

"To go for walks and live an active life naturally increases the quality of life, and therefore Sensorem's service feels very sympathetic in every way."

"The senior watch is really nice - no one would suspect that it actually contains a security alarm."

"Very affordable service that can actually offer a clearly improved quality of life."

"The fact that the smartwatch is stylish and durable is also the icing on the cake."