Sensorem was created to increase security and freedom for Sweden's seniors


Why was Sensorem founded?

Society is facing major challenges with a rapidly growing aging population and we decided to do something about it! We decided to develop a modern personal alarm that works everywhere (even outdoors) and increases security and freedom for the user!


Who is behind Sensorem?

Johan Danielsson and Bobo Delemark founded Sensorem to make it possible for elderly people to stay at home by themselves in their private homes. Sensorem is financed by the founders and a handful of external angel investors and has a high credit rating from Creditsafe!

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What is Sensorem's vision?

By offering a personal alarm that works everywhere (even outdoors), Sensorem aims to increase the security and freedom of Sweden's seniors and enable them to age safely in their private homes.

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How does Sensorem work with sustainability?

Sustainability is embedded in the business model, including recirculation of products – when a user wants to end their security service, the security alarm is sent back to Sensorem. Here you will find our quality policy and environmental policy.

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Is Sensorem a Swedish company?

Absolutely! Sensorem AB (559194-2189) is based in Stockholm. You are welcome to visit us at our office at Engelbrektsgatan 9-11!

Sensorem's history


The team behind Sensorem

Johan Danielsson Sensorem

Johan Danielsson
COO and CO-Founder
+46 8 46 00 77 02

Bobo Delemark

Bobo Delemark
CEO and CO-Founder
+46 8 46 00 77 01


Wilhelm Möller-Claeson
Customer Service Manager
+46 700 95 11 29


Elina Broman
Content Creator Social Media

Interviews with Sensorem

"The Stockholm-based company Sensorem is on a mission to transform the elderly care industry through user-friendly digitalization"

"Sensorem brings a vision to enable seniors in society to feel free in their everyday lives and to enable that through the use of technology."

"With Sensorem, the elderly can stay in their home environments, which saves a lot of money for the municipalities"

"For Sensorem, which offers a personal alarm that works everywhere (even outdoors) and increases the freedom of the user, trust is very important. This is precisely why they chose to incorporate Trustpilot reviews into their strategy to increase trust in their service."

"The product differs significantly from traditional stationary alarms by working everywhere (even outdoors) and sending alarms primarily to relatives, which reduces false alarms and increases the user's independence"

"Sensorem develops and sells security alarms to seniors, and has more than 5,000 customers and ongoing pilot projects with 10 municipalities around Sweden"

For more information about how Sensorem's security products work, please see questions & answers or contact us