Sensorem’s personal alarm works in the summer cottage

Take the personal alarm with you on your trip this summer

Summer is around the corner and soon it will be time to go out to summer cottages and country houses. A common question we get is whether it is possible to use the personal alarm in places other than the home, such as at a summer house, and the answer is that it works perfectly! Sensorem’s personal alarm communicates with the mobile network and works everywhere in the world.

Easy to change the order of alarm receivers when the user is in the summer cottage 

In the Sensorem app, the user or relatives can easily add and/or change the order of the personal alarm’s alarm receiver so that the alarm goes to the person most suitable to answer it when the user is in the summer house. If the relatives cannot answer, the alarm goes on to Sensorem’s alarm center, which in emergency situations connects the alarm to SOS Alarm, which can send an ambulance, etc. SOS Alarm cooperates throughout the EU (as well as in several countries such as Norway), which means that SOS Alarm in Sweden can connect over alarm calls to the alarm center in the country where the user is located.

Relatives can call directly to the watch even when the user is abroad

Just like at home in Sweden, relatives can call directly to the user’s watch and talk to the user like a normal phone call, even if it is not an alarm situation. You can read more about this here!

The personal alarm is waterproof and performs well in nature 

Sensorem’s personal alarm is perfect to take with you out in nature as it is waterproof (IP67) and also has GPS positioning so that the watch’s position is displayed in the Sensorem app. If the user needs an alarm, they press the watch’s alarm button and then relatives receive an SMS and an alarm notification with GPS position in the Sensorem app, and they are automatically called by the watch.