This is how the medication reminder function works


1. Enter the Sensorem app and click on "Medication Reminder".


2. Click on "New reminder" and select the time you wish to be reminded.


3. Enter the name of the medication the reminder refers to.


4. Choose how often the reminder should be repeated.


5. Done! Up to 20 reminders can be active at the same time.

Advantages of Sensorem's medication reminder


Set the exact time and how often the reminders should apply

You can choose the exact time for the alarm and you can choose to repeat it once, daily or customize which days the reminders should apply.


Reminders for several different medications

You can enter the type of medication the reminder refers to and thus have reminders for several different types of medication without mixing them up.


Possibility to have many reminders active at the same time

You can have up to 20 reminders at the same time.


Flexibility in who sets reminders

Reminders are set in the Sensorem app, which can be done by the user himself or by relatives.


Users are alerted when medication is to be taken

The watch notifies the user by voice and vibration when the medication is to be taken.

Frequently asked questions about the medication reminder


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