Sensorem's environmental policy (abbreviated version)

Sensorem creates a better future for its users and their relatives, and for us environmental work is an obvious part of this work. The goal of the environmental work is to reduce the number of unnecessary trips by enabling remote monitoring, increase resource efficiency by reusing and recycling hardware, and have a zero tolerance towards environmentally and health hazardous products.

We work long-term to protect the environment and this work is an integral part of daily operations. Sensorem's ambition is to influence the outside world towards better environmental performance by setting demands on business partners and by constantly developing the service and showing the outside world that growth, customer satisfaction and environmental work go hand in hand.

Sensorem is connected to FTI, the business community's collection system for recycling packaging.

Sensorem meets goals and makes decisions according to these guiding principles:

  • Environmentally conscious and responsible leadership.
  • The environmental goals are set at a high level to develop efficient working methods and drive continuous improvement.
  • The environmental work is carried out systematically with a clear structure and follow-up.
  • Internal competence development ensures that employees have the right competence to contribute to environmental work in the ongoing operations, the right competence to put environmental work high on the agenda in product development and the right competence to set demands on suppliers in procurement situations.
  • Current legislation constitutes minimum requirements and contributes, together with other external requirements, to Sensorem's development.
  • The entire business model is built on an environmentally-based value base. For the watches, for example, the service is subscription-based so that the customer returns the watch at the end of the subscription so that each watch can be used for its full lifespan.
  • To the greatest extent possible, have digital meetings instead of physical meetings.
  • Walk or cycle to put packages in mailboxes.
  • Recommend all employees to walk or cycle if they live within close proximity to the company's premises. If you live further away, public transport is recommended, and bus tickets are subsidized by the company.
  • Prioritize locally produced food in the company's premises.
  • Hold various containers for paper, plastic, metal and food.
  • Always try to increase the lifespan of Sensorem's products.
  • Design Sensorem's products for as little wear and tear as possible.