7 symptoms of alcohol dementia

Alcohol dementia, or alcohol-related dementia, is a serious consequence of prolonged and excessive alcohol consumption. This disease affects the functioning of the brain and can drastically reduce the quality of life. Here are some of the more common symptoms:

1. Memory loss

Significant memory problems, especially when it comes to remembering new events or information, are an early sign of alcoholic dementia. The sufferer may repeat the same questions or stories over and over.

2. Concentration difficulties

People with alcoholic dementia often have difficulty focusing on tasks or conversations, which can affect their ability to carry out everyday tasks.

3. Disorientation

Disorientation in time and space is common. The sufferer may forget what day, month or season it is, and have difficulty finding familiar surroundings.

4. Personality changes

Irritability, apathy or withdrawal may occur. Some may also experience depression or anxiety.

5. Motor problems

Tremors, unsteady gait and impaired coordination are common motor symptoms that increase the risk of fall accidents.

6. Language difficulties

Difficulty finding the right words or understanding complex sentences may occur, making communication difficult.

7. Hallucinations and paranoia

In some cases, the sufferer may experience hallucinations or paranoia, which can be frightening both for them and their loved ones.

Early intervention is crucial. If you or someone you know exhibits these symptoms, seek professional help immediately. Treatment can slow down the course of the disease and significantly improve the quality of life.