It’s never too early to get a personal alarm

Get a personal alarm before the accident happens

A common reason that new customers find us and order our security alarm is that they have been involved in a fall accident where they were left lying down for a long time without being able to call for help – now they want to make sure that this never happens again. Security usually increases enormously with our customers when they have acquired our alarm as they know that the user can easily raise the alarm with the push of a button. However, much suffering could have been avoided for many people if they had proactively obtained the security alarm even earlier – before the accident had occurred.

It’s never too early to get a security alarm

We believe that it is never too early to increase your security with a security alarm. The knowledge that you can always raise the alarm with the push of a button should an accident occur usually increases the security and freedom for our customers as they can live active lives without having to engage home care services and having to hand over the house keys.

Our security alarm is stylish and discreet and shows the time in both analogue and digital format and contains many functions such as medication reminders, geofence and inactivity alarm. The security alarm also has a built-in SIM with its own phone number so that relatives can call directly to the watch and talk to the user.

See the video below that explains how Sensorem’s security alarm works or click here to read more.