With a personal alarm, you can easily call for help if you slip outside

High risk of slipping accidents in winter

Winter is a particularly dangerous season when it comes to fall accidents. According to statistics from MSB, 20,000 pedestrians are injured annually by falling accidents on snow and ice, and many of them are 65 years of age or older. Slip protection or shoes with built-in studs are recommended to reduce the risk of slipping accidents. Should the accident still happen, it is important to be able to alert relatives quickly so as not to be left out in the cold and make the situation worse.

Safety alarms that work outdoors increase safety on winter walks

With a security alarm that works outdoors, help can be called quickly and easily with the push of a button if needed! Sensorem’s security alarm works outdoors and also has built-in GPS positioning so that relatives in the Sensorem app can see where the user is on a map should there be an alarm situation. If the alarm button is pressed, the security alarm automatically calls the user’s relatives and sends them an SMS with information that the alarm has been activated.

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