Sensorem’s alarm has a built-in speakerphone with two-way communication

The alarm clock automatically calls relatives when the user presses the alarm button

When the user raises the alarm, the watch automatically calls relatives and the user talks directly to relatives through the watch’s speakerphone (extra high volume). The watch has a built-in SIM with its own phone number so that relatives can call directly to the watch even when it is not an alarm situation. In the Sensorem app, it is easy to set which numbers are allowed to call the clock, which means that there is no risk of foreign numbers calling the alarm clock.

The “automatic reply” function can be easily activated in the Sensorem app

The user or relatives can easily choose in the Sensorem app that the watch should automatically answer incoming calls, i.e. the user does not have to press “answer” on the display, but the call is connected directly. This can be particularly important for a person suffering from dementia.

Learn more about the alarm’s speakerphone here.