Sensorem launches new function – inactivity alarm

Sensorem’s security alarm alerts relatives if the watch has been silent for an extended period of time

Sensorem has developed the inactivity alarm function, which means that an alarm is sent to relatives if the watch has been stationary for a long time, as this may indicate that the user has fallen and been lying down but did not have the opportunity to press the alarm button. The function is available today for both existing and new customers!

The function is activated in the Sensorem app

Relatives activate the function in the Sensorem app, where they can also set how sensitive the inactivity alarm should be, i.e. how long the clock can be still before an alarm is sent to relatives.

Inactivity alarm is not sent if the clock is still due to that it is charging or that the user is sleeping

To avoid false alarms, the service detects whether the watch is charging and in such a case does not send out inactivity alarms to relatives. The default is also that inactivity alarms are not sent out at night to avoid the alarm being activated because the user is sleeping. Should relatives want to change this and for some reason want to have an inactivity alarm even at night, this can easily be changed in the Sensorem app.

Read more about the inactivity alarm here.