Sensorem’s personal alarm increases security in the case of dementia

In the Sensorem app, relatives can see where the user is on a map and receive an alarm if the user leaves the safe area

In the Sensorem app, relatives can see the watch’s GPS position in real time on a map. With the geofence function, relatives can set which area(s) are safe for the user to move within – for example, a specific area around the user’s residence. If the user leaves the secure area, relatives are automatically called by the watch’s speakerphone and an alarm notification + text message is sent to relatives.

Relatives can call the GPS watch directly to talk to the user and it is possible to set the watch to answer automatically

The GPS watch has its own SIM with its own phone number and a built-in speakerphone, which means that relatives can call the watch directly to talk to the user. The watch can easily be set to answer calls from relatives automatically, which means that the user does not have to press anywhere to receive calls from relatives.

There is an option to wear the GPS watch as a necklace

When ordering, it is possible to choose between different bracelets and necklaces to find what suits the user best.

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