Personal alarm from the municipality compared to Sensorem’s personal alarm

Lack of development of security alarms within Sweden’s municipalities

Despite the fact that Sweden’s municipalities and regions are investing in developing the technology, unfortunately most of the personal alarms offered within the municipalities are deficient in several areas. The technical breakdowns that occurred in the fall of 2020 show that there is a great need for private alternatives. Sensorem offers a private personal alarm with an alarm button directly to relatives that has been developed with the user’s needs in mind. 

Long application process to get a security alarm from the municipality

In order to receive a municipal personal alarm, the user must first fill in an application for a personal alarm and then usually undergo an assistance test. To be eligible for an alarm for the elderly, the user must be over 65 years of age and if the person is approved, a key to the apartment must be handed over to home care so that they can always enter the home. This makes the process of acquiring a personal alarm unnecessarily cumbersome and time-consuming, which can lead to people who have a need for an alarm choosing to wait a long time to acquire one. In addition, it can feel troublesome that home care should have access to the home and some feel that they are cautious about raising the alarm as they do not want to be a nuisance.

Easy to order a personal alarm from Sensorem

Our private personal alarm for the elderly does not require any application or examination, but can be ordered today on our website and delivered within three working days. Through the alarm button, relatives are called in a predetermined order, which creates security for both the user and their relatives. We believe that the need for a personal alarm for private individuals is not determined by age, but should be available to everyone. Our alarm clock is used by the majority of people under the age of 65, including people who have suffered a stroke and therefore feel an increased need for security. 

Sensorem’s discreet design 

When procuring a personal alarm, it can be difficult for the user that people close to you can see that you feel a need for a personal alarm. The majority of municipal personal alarms have an analogue appearance that makes it clear to those around them that the user is a senior who feels a need for extra support. This can create a feeling of reduced independence and this can also lead to the user choosing not to purchase a personal alarm. Sensorem offers a personal alarm designed as a smart watch that cannot be identified as a personal alarm by outsiders. With a discreet design and the option to choose a wristband, the user can feel comfortable wearing the alarm every day. 

Personal alarm coverage area

We believe that the main purpose of a personal alarm is for the user to feel secure in their existence so that they can continue to live an independent life in their own home. The majority of the personal alarms offered within the municipality are unfortunately also lacking here as they only work in the home itself. Almost 60% of fall accidents happen outdoors, which means that the need for an outdoor personal alarm is strong. Sensorem’s personal alarm works everywhere and can also be used when the user is on holiday in the summer cottage or abroad. With a built-in speakerphone and SIM card, the smartwatch can be used for GPS location and alarming anywhere and gives the user peace of mind knowing they can always get in touch with their loved ones. Even relatives can feel increased security knowing that their loved ones can always reach them, wherever they are. 

Read more about the personal alarm here and watch the video that shows how easy it is to start using the alarm once it has been delivered!

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