Does Sensorem’s personal alarm replace municipal security alarms?

Yes, Sensorem’s security alarm can replace a municipal security alarm

Sensorem’s security alarm gives the user the opportunity to decide who the alarm should go to and can replace a municipal security alarm. Sensorem does not offer its own home service, but the officer on duty, a resident or a home service from which the user already receives help can be specified as an alarm receiver. However, it is important that those registered as alarm receivers are aware of and approve of this.

A security alarm that goes to both relatives and home care

When the alarm button is pressed, those selected by the user as alarm receivers are called in a predetermined order, and in cases where no one answers, the call is forwarded to Sensorem’s alarm center. Everyone on the list also receives a notification in the Sensorem app. This means that both the user and their relatives can feel secure that relatives will be informed if something happens, even if the home service may be the first alarm recipient in the order of turn.

You can see frequently asked questions about the security alarm here.

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