With Sensorem, you can have a personal alarm without home care service

With the municipality’s personal alarm, the home care service needs to be connected

In order to be granted a personal alarm from the municipalities, the home care service needs to be connected as they are the ones who handle the alarm management. Many seniors want to be able to trigger the alarm if something were to happen, but do not want to have to engage home care services and give them access to the keys to the home. This is precisely where Sensorem comes in – with Sensorem you can feel the security of being able to trigger the alarm at any time while retaining the freedom of not having to engage home care services!

With Sensorem’s personal alarm, the alarm is connected directly to relatives

With Sensorem, the alarm goes directly to relatives instead of going to home care services. If the user presses the alarm button, relatives receive an SMS + alarm notification and they are automatically called by the personal alarm, which also works as a watch with built-in speakerphone. In the event that none of the user’s relatives answer, the call is connected to Sensorem’s alarm center (open 24/7).